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Belgisch Bier Cadeau Bon

Belgisch Gastronomie Bier Cadeaubon - Gift Card

Een cadeaubon valt altijd in de smaak. Kies een bedrag en schrijf een persoonlijk bericht om dit cadeau helemaal af te maken. De ontvanger ontvangt via e-mail een unieke cadeaubon code....

E-Gift Voucher : How does it work ?

1. Enter the amount of the Gift Voucher and select who it is intended for.

2. Determine when the receipt will be sent. 

3. Write a personal message to the recipient.

4. After payment, the e-gift voucher will be sent to the recipient at the desired time. 

5. The recipient of the e-gift card will then receive an email with the subject line "You just received a gift card from (your name)" The unique gift card code will appear in the email.

6. When the recipient wants to pay online for the desired beer selection, they select the option Redeem a gift card and enter their unique gift card code.

7. If the price of the purchase is worth more than the value of the gift voucher, the remaining amount can be paid via another payment method.

8. The unique code is valid for 1 year.

9. The gift voucher is valid for the entire range on

10. If you have any questions, you can always contact

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